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Презентация про Театр на Английском языке

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The ancient theater in Greece Greek theater buildings were called a theatron (‘seeing place’). The theaters were large, open-air structures constructed on the slopes of hills. They consisted of three principal elements: the orchestra , the scène , and the audience. First theaters appeared in Greece :

The centrepiece of the theater was the orchestra , or «dancing place», a large circular or rectangular area. The orchestra was the site the choral performances, the religious rites, and, possibly, the acting. Behind the orchestra was a large rectangular building called the skene (meaning «tent» or «hut»). It was used as a «backstage» area where actors could change their costumes and masks, but also served to represent the location of the plays, which were usually set in front of a palace or house. Typically, there were two or three doors in the skene that led out onto orchestra, and from which actors could enter and exit.

At first , the skene was literally a tent or a hut , put up for the religious festival and taken down when it was finished . Later , the skene became a permanent stone structure . These structures were sometimes painted to serve as backdrops , hence the English word scenery . Rising from the circle of the orchestra was the audience . The audience sat on tiers of benches built up on the side of a hill . Greek theaters , then , could only be built on hills that were correctly shaped . A

Modern theater or theatre (also a playhouse ) is a structure where theatrical works or plays are performed , or other performances such as musical concerts may be given.

Basic elements of a theater structure Stage Stalls Dress circle Upper Circle Balconies Boxes

The most important of these areas is the acting space generally known as the stage. stage

Stalls Dress circle Upper Circle Stalls is : the lower flat area, usually below or at the same level as the stage the seats can be very high and a long distance from the stage. The first level Balconies or galleries : Boxes: typically placed immediately to the front, side and above the level of the stage. They are often separate rooms with an open viewing area which typically has seat s for five people Boxes

По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

Участвовала в международном сетевом конкурсе : «Современные методические авторские разработки уроков по английскому языку» Заняла 3 место. Урок презентация к нему по теме » Искусство. Теат.

Данную контрольную работу можно использовать прои изучении темы «Theater und Filmkunst» в 11 классе по УМК И.Бим.

Opera Garnier theater in Paris, one of the most famous and important opera and ballet theaters in the world.

Is situated in the Palais Garnier in the IX district of Paris, near the end of the avenue of the Opera Metro Station. The building is considered a benchmark of eclectic architecture in the Beaux-Arts and belongs to the era of a major transformation of the city, embodied by Napoleon III and Haussmann prefect.

For a long time, the building of the theater was called the Paris Opera, but after opening in 1989, the second theatrical platform for the Paris National Opera — Bastille Opera House , it became known as the name of the architect Charles Garnier. The two institutions merged in the public and commercial enterprise » Paris National Opera»

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Британский театр Prezentacii.com

воспитание личности учащегося на основе общечеловеческих ценностей развитие у школьников инициативности и самостоятельности, толерантности и уважения к другим нациям и культурам, способности к успешной самореализации обучение познавательной деятельности с использованием иностранного языка

расширение кругозора учащихся, за счёт ознакомления с новой информацией по теме ‘British theatre‘ развитие у учащихся внутренней мотивации к изучению языка и культуры, развитие у детей внимания и восприятия, слуховой памяти, мышления и воображения, способностей к аналитической деятельности Развитие у обучающихся коммуникативной компетентности, навыков аудирования и чтения с извлечением информации, пониманием и восприятием текстов, спонтанного и подготовленного говорения, развитие творческих способностей, используя ИКТ развитие творческого самовыражения учащихся в презентации своего отношения к данному виду искусства и своего понимания красоты

Britain has long traditions of drama. The most famous British theatres are the National Theatre and the Barbican.

Theatre театр Drama драма Opera опера Musical мюзикл Actor актёр Actress актриса Director режиссёр Designer художник Play пьеса Company труппа Performance представление Talented талантливый Successful успешный

Royal National Theatre a government-funded repertory company based in London.

In the early 1590 Shakespeare are set up his own theatre, the Globe, where his company performed his plays.

Nowadays an exact reconstruction of the Globe is being built and visitors can show expience what it was like to go to the theatre 400 years ago.

Acting, both by amateurs and professionais, is still very much alive in Britain.

About 5%million people,many of them tourists, go to see a musical every year in London.

The show’s most popular song, Memory, has now become one of the most successful songs in musical history.

1. When did the British theatre begin? 2. What the most famous British theatres do you know? 3. Haw many theatres are in London West End? 4. What is the most popular London musical? 5. What is the title of the most popular song in “Cats”?

Eight years later it became the longest-running musical in the history of the British theatre. On June 1997, the musical became the longest-running show in the history of Broadway.

1.Wheh did the British theatre begin ? British Theatre began in the XIII century. 2.What the most famous British theatres do you know ? The British famous theatres are: The National Theatre The New London Theatre The Old Vic Theatre 3.How many theatres are in London West End? There are 50 theatres in London’s West End. 4.What is the most popular London musical? The most popular London’s musical is “Cats”. 5.What is the title of the most popular song in “Cats”? The show’s most popular song is “Memory”.

There are over 50 theatres in London’s West End, the area in London with most theatres, and about 35 smaller fringe theatres.

1. British Theatre began, in the XIX century. 2. Small theatre groups receive money from the government. 3. The “Cats” opened at the New London Theatre, in the West End in 1981. 4. The “Cats” has been played to packed houses only in London. 5. The afternoon performances was called matinee.

The Royal Shakespeare Company performs at the Barbican in London and in Stratford-on-Avon where Shakespeare was born.

TRUE OR FALSE: 1. British Theatre began, in the XIX century.(False) 2. Small theatre groups receive money from the government. (True) 3. The “Cats” opened at the New London Theatre, in the West End in 1981. (True) 4. The “Cats” has been played to packed houses only in London. (False) 5. The afternoon performances was called matinee. (True)

Draw Your Own Poster of Your Favorite Play.

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